Visual Media  create professional marketing services.

Final product is solutions that everyone can understand, which always,

move your brand ahead of others. That solutions don’t invite consumers only

to buy something but to intensively think about your brand.

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About us


Visual Media develop and create an open partnership, two-way communication. Together with you, we define: your needs, goals and priorities and deadlines at the end. We believe that the good design is understanding how the message is received and perceived. By reviewing of entire essence of the display, we create efficient and interesting communication that is uniquely dedicated to each and every project. Our work, through various disciplines, includes identity design, web design and development, design for print, branding.

Also, it is easy with us to create promotional material that will be attractive, effective and interesting. There are a wide range of products that Visual Media agency can offer. The most important part of agency work is a briefing where collecting input data is essential to make the perfect base for any kind of campaign and appearances in a wide range of media.The client gains promotion by advertising of his key products and services. The common course of action for the fulfillment of your efforts, building of recognition of your brand and what is seen in public. Designing, creating and implementing of marketing campaigns, 

for any branch and type of business, there is a way to reach the targeted customers. 
premium design, tested and created to give high standards of visual pleasure.
You can order products and services from our rich marketing offers.
You need a reliable partner who will be able to support creatively and to follow demands imposed by business.
If you would like to discuss a potential project, find out more about us, please feel free to contact us and make an appointment by calling +381 11 60 070 187 or by sending an


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